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An environmentally conscious owner should take the appropriate measures to dispose of their old television, and if they choose not to they will end up spending money that could have been put to better use. Clever owners can often find a very good use for their old television, converting an old television into something completely different. Converting an old television into something else does not take much effort or creativity, all it takes is a little know-how.

One way to turn your old television into something else is by recycling it. This process involves taking old electronics such as old televisions, computers and cell phones and using them to make a useful product, usually something made from recycled materials. Many recycling companies are specialized in the conversion of household items into useful items.

One of these companies is Blue River Energy, a popular name in green living that specializes in “recycled” or “toxic materials removal”. They have developed a process to convert old tvs, computers and cell phones to useable energy. The resulting product is a device which converts energy from old television sets, computers and cell phones into electricity and heat which can power a small fridge. The result is a machine that does not release toxic materials into the air.

Another way to turn your old television set into something useful is by reusing the cathode ray tube. Cathode ray tubes, or CRT TVs, are extremely old and cheap television sets that have been used to produce TV shows for decades. Because of their cheap production costs and general degradation, CRT TVs is starting to be phased out in favor of flat screens. If you have a broken or damaged CRT TV, you can often sell it to a recycler at a good price and recoup some of its value.

In fact, recycling old televisions is a big industry. There are several companies that offer to repair and recycle televisions that are in excellent condition. Some test patterns for TVs are even available online, allowing anyone to reproduce a test pattern of their own if they don’t have the ability to build an LCD television themselves. Other companies specialize in disassembling and rebuilding televisions to test different repair techniques. These TV repair companies can usually provide valuable service and advice when needed, although some only work on a part-time basis to earn extra income.

Recycling consumer electronics such as televisions is one way to help reduce the amount of waste created by electronic devices. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, electronics manufacturing waste accounts for about 22% of all waste produced by American companies. Recycling programs and proper disposal of consumer electronics can significantly reduce the amount of waste created in the US. Some state governments have become involved in encouraging recycling in order to conserve natural resources.

A great deal of wasted electronic devices come from simple disposal. Many televisions that are discarded are simply placed in a garbage can, or put in a yard trashcan. However, many TVs are given away as free gifts to family members or put in the mail. Even the packaging on televisions is filled with foam, which makes them easy to toss into large garbage bins without thinking about how the foam will be disposed of. Many televisions that are discarded also contain hazardous materials that could be harmful to the environment, such as lead.

Old television sets that are thrown into landfills face the same dangers as old televisions. While cathode ray tubes and LCD televisions make up the greatest amount of waste produced by American companies, old fashioned television sets make up a larger portion of the country’s solid waste. Recycling programs are an important step towards reducing the quantity of unwanted waste produced by American companies and allowing the public to purchase quality TVs at a fair price.

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