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Poets are people who write poetry. Poets can be described as that or just a creator of poetry. Poets can just be a regular writer of poetry or can perform their creative art on an audience. They are very creative and give so much to the world with their words.

There are many genres of contemporary poetry. The most famous ones include things like science fiction, fantasy, postmodernism, and so on. But these aren’t the only kinds. Some poets have made poetry for children, for women, for themes of their day-to-day lives, and even for animals. These poems are called children’s poetry, and they can be wonderful and touching to young readers.

After becoming interested in poets, many years later I began to read some of my favorite poets, like Emily Dickinson, and became more familiar with the forms of contemporary poetry. It wasn’t long before I was actually wanting to write my own poetry, and that was when I found out about Adolph Einstein. He was a big influence on me, and his poetry is still very good.

In 2021, I helped to start a poetry symposium, which is what you get if you choose to assemble a panel of poets. We had a variety of different styles of poetry lined up along with one poet from each category reading from a poem. The point was for each poet to speak and explain his or her poem. This was a marvelous way for several different poets to share their work.

Another wonderful organization that I’ve worked with is doing a series of workshops. We hold workshops for poetry students all across the country. One is held in a barn, another in a large field, and a third in a park. All the students bring a poem they are working on, and we read it aloud and give suggestions as to how students can improve their poetry. It’s been great fun for everyone, and it helps the students see how creative writing affects their world.

A few months ago, a poet who knew about the symposium took part in it. After that, she shared with me that she has started a new poetry publication. She shared that the poetry publications she works with take a lot of creativity. They want poets to contribute articles and short stories that are all “newsworthy.” The poems in the magazine will all have a lot of originality and be written by poets who are still at risk to be considered.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different types of poets, all contributing to the creative process in some way. Poets such as Emily Dickinson and Maya Angelou have inspired many others. If you read a poem by Emily Dickinson, and it gives you goosebumps, chances are it was inspired by her deep connection with the Gods. That type of poem could then inspire another poet to write a poem about similar themes.

This is why we encourage our poets to submit poems to this magazine so it can be enjoyed by poets from all over the world. Not only does a poet get recognized but they can have their name spread across the literary world as well. Hopefully, in the future, this magazine will help many more poets get recognized and have their work read. Until then, we can all enjoy what the New Writing Magazine has to offer.

New Writing Magazine is a division of the journal American Psychologist. The magazine covers a wide range of poetry related issues. Their focus is on creative writing, but they do encourage traditional poetic literature as well. They welcome any poets who are new to poetry, those who have recently published poetry or even those who would like to write about poetry.

Many of the poems featured in New Writing concentrate on issues concerning the transient nature of existence. People living in destitute time periods have long been exploring the question of life and death. In fact, one of the most famous poems by a poet about his own experiences in a destitute time was written as an elegy for a deceased parent. The poem had been written years before the death occurred, and it captures the essence of the experience and grief. It makes you realize that even when you think you are going far in your career, nothing can bring you closure unless you have experienced death first hand.

In addition to dark themes, some of the best poets also write in a light vein. They take up topics that most people would never think of as being good poetry. For example, some of the greatest poets write poems about the joys of riding a bike after the world’s end has come and look at the darkness as just another day in the classroom. The point of view can be different, but the spirit is the same – joy in the midst of darkness.

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