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Here are some essential tools that you may need to have on hand when preparing your pumpkin crafts for elementary school children. Obviously, you’ll need paper, scissors and paint. For an autumnal treat, create pumpkin stamps with brown gel ink, which is available at most art supply stores. Use markers of different colors to write on the pumpkin.

You can teach preschoolers about the history of pumpkins by making pumpkin art for them to color in. Create cardstock blocks with a contrasting colored background for the cards. Match up colors with brown gel markers and let children pick out their own designs. Print these out on colorful paper to use as pumpkin crafts for elementary school children.

You can give elementary school children printable fall colors to use in their pumpkin crafts by using photo credit. This is an easy way to get kids excited about seasonal things while teaching them about color and photography. To make the photo credit, simply take a picture of any object, scenery or person in fall and transfer it to a cardstock block. Then you can add a small bit of text, such as “Pumpkin farm,” “Gorgeous Fall” and “Pumpkins on the Farm” to give each photo a creative caption. You can also insert a photo of your child in front of a beautiful landscape or beside a smiling face.

One of the easiest pumpkin crafts for kids is the process art pumpkin crafts. This type of pumpkin crafts gives kids a chance to express their creativity without having to worry about the time consuming aspects of traditional art activities. You’ll need basic materials to start this process, which includes a plain piece of card, glitter, hook and loop tape, paintbrushes of various colors, scissors and paint. Give each item time to dry before you move on to the next item. You may want to set aside some leftover paint to sprinkle over the entire project later on.

Older kids will enjoy pumpkin crafts like pinwheels. The process involves pulling out a single white candle from a package and arranging small balls of colored construction paper into different shapes. Glue on colorful gems to complete the design. Kids will have so much fun making these crafts that they’ll want to do it all year round. You can find these craft ideas almost anywhere, but you’ll probably be able to find better quality materials if you shop at a craft store.

A less common but just as fun craft for kiddos is the macaroni fruit kite. It is similar to the classic cotton candy machine, except you’re making something edible. You’ll need a pack of macaroni noodles, wax paper, vegetable oil, macaroni balls or whatever you can find to put the food dye on, and decorations or clothes for the kite. You can find these types of pumpkin crafts at almost any party store. You should also be able to find patterns online for making these crafts.

Of course, there are other types of easy pumpkin crafts that elementary school children will enjoy. Older kids will enjoy decorating tree houses, which is pretty easy for you if you know how to use your sketchbook. For younger children, consider making puppets with yarn or fabric and hot glue. There are even kits available that include the puppets, but you can make them more fun by changing the color scheme and sewing them onto soft felt or cardstock.

Halloween is a great time of year for kids. Pumpkin crafts let kids explore their creativity and they’ll have fun painting the faces of pumpkins. They’ll have a great time decorating their own pumpkin patch for a Halloween party. Older kids might even choose to make an ornament out of one of their own items, such as a sock filled with candy or a button-shaped piece of fabric. And whether they’re using yarn or fabric or a kit, you can bet that your kids will have a great time creating these simple pumpkin crafts.

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