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Woodworking Plans & Tools

Glue mini craft sticks at short intervals along the strip and top with regular craft sticks. For extra fun, create several sets of tracks for your child to place together. The more specific you get with what you make, the more money you will make.

However, the first important step is the need to establish if there is a market for your crafts. To leave no stone unturned, you also need to research and know how much different wood crafts sell for. Additionally, wood items have a high-profit margin and can be sold either online or in person. In fact, there are hundreds of eCommerce shops that deal exclusively in wood crafts. I also like the fact that working with wood is an outlet for enhancing creativity.

This chalk paint comes in a variety of highly pigmented colors and a consistency that lends itself well to blending and shading. Along with the array of colors, FolkArt paint also comes in several finishes including enamel, multi-surface, glitter, neon, and outdoor. This paint requires very little preparation of the piece it is being applied to and comes in brush-on or spray versions. One can of brush-on paint covers approximately 150 square feet of surface area. These acrylic paints are suitable for beginners and professionals and the kit comes with three brushes to get you started. Get your hand on the right wood and you stock your craft shows stall with bowls retailing at over $100 apiece.

Thesedo require several legitimate woodworking skills, but they’re also very simple to complete and display. One of the best wood crafts that sell fast for home decor is fruit bowls. It’s a pretty simple design but with all other wood crafts, you can get creative and do some unique designs. One of the best wood crafts that sell really well on Etsy and other similar sites is wall art. To make the tracks, cut a strip of chipboard a little wider than the length of one mini craft stick.

To sell wooden items online you can use sites like Etsy, Artfire, Handmade Artists, and MadeitMyself. There are many ways you can sell your wooden items, you can sell them in person or you can sell online. Storage crates are just boxes created out of wood that people use to store their items in. Soap dishes are easy to make and they don’t require much wood so I highly recommend creating this item, just make sure you seal it properly. One of the hottest handmade items people are buying right now are candles and while you won’t be making candles you can make and sell candle holders.

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