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Martial Art

Traditional martial arts is a practice built on culture and techniques protected for generations. In recent times, several martial arts styles have been mixed with other fighting techniques for contests or other purposes. Mixed martial art is a combat sport mixing various martial arts styles.

This technique therefore emphasizes on locks, throws, and other defensive techniques, to unbalance the opponent and bring him to the ground. In subsequent fights, the fighters started adopting more effective techniques from other arts, which led to the development of mixed martial arts . At trapping range, you are close enough to an opponent to control his arms and legs. Wing Chun teaches students how to efficiently fight at this range.

In boxing, the hands are curled into fists and are used to throw punches. The hands are also used to shield the face and neck against attacks. Though a boxer solely uses his hands for fighting, he needs to train his legs too in order to achieve greater balance, speed, and agility. Professional boxing events brutally test a boxer’s strength, stamina, and reflexes, along with his willpower. Kendo is a style of fencing that uses both the hands to maximize the power of the strikes. It requires a lot of physical and mental conditioning through intense practice.

Tae Kwon Do Nation is martial arts website where I share my journey with Tae Kwon Do and what I have learned along the way. Its a resource to help other students enjoy their journey as much as I have. While many people think that Hapkido and Aikido share similar principles , they are significantly different. For example, Hapkido can include the use of weapons such as cane, rope, and sword, albeit varyingly. However, among the many different nuances, there is one differentiation between Karate and Kung Fu that can be easily observed. Stiffer, stop and go movements define Karate, whereas more flowing, circular movements define Kung Fu.

The overriding goal is to create a personal style of self-defense. Training provides you with the tools you need to do so. Jiu-Jitsu is a powerful form of martial arts that is designed so a smaller fighter has ample physical resources to successfully defend against a larger opponent. If Jiu-Jitsu is practiced alone, reactions may be difficult to anticipate.

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