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Cancellation Of The Writer’s Almanac

I celebrated with lunch with five friends at an outdoor restaurant under a canopy on a perfect summer afternoon and in memory of my frugal parents I ordered the most expensive wines, and the Lord, who prepares a table in the presence of my enemies, prepared an even better one for my friends, and we feasted ourselves silly. My wife was away, tending to the settlement of the estate of a crazy bachelor uncle, and texted me, “I miss you too much,” a very nice touch. I come from fundamentalist people and every year they asked that I be excused from square-dancing in gym class so that I would not be tempted by carnal pleasure, but still they didn’t object to my reading secular literature such as Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. They were gentle people, not like the bearded men with machine guns riding through the streets of Kabul, or the American mujahideen sacking the Capitol in January or Mr. Roseberry in his black pickup parked in front of the Library of Congress Thursday, claiming to have explosives enough to destroy whole city blocks. Afghanistan was a disaster we inherited from old imperialists and most Americans will be glad not to be reading about it on a daily basis. The Taliban is a bunch of thugs, nobody you’d want to move in upstairs, and they captured the flag, and now it’s their problem.

The Writer’s Almanac is able to use the above tools since its podcast host or measurement company offers this service. It doesn’t mean that this individual podcast uses them, or has access to this functionality. Following allegations of inappropriate behavior against Garrison Keillor, Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media are severing ties with Keillor. MPR’s weekly music and variety show with host Chris Thile will continue broadcast but will be renamed.

The most wonderful thing I have today that wasn’t available to me before is old age. “The Writer’s Almanac” has been played on public radio stations and in podcast form since 1993. When American Public Media cut ties with Garrison Keillor over accusations of inappropriate behavior, the show disappeared.

It implies that once we were in array and soon will be again, as soon as the problem is solved. I was in disarray myself, having forgotten to wear a hearing aid, so I didn’t understand most of what was said and had to pantomime comprehension, which I am good at, having been an English major and sat through lectures about books I hadn’t read. The gentleman on my left, however, was a Lutheran minister — and still is, so far as I know — and he spoke loud and clear, so I was not without company. He is a Dane and in Denmark the Lutheran church has debated whether belief in a Supreme Being should be required for ordination.

Nobody in Brooklyn speaks Brooklynese, it’s all gentrified. The press came down hard on Mets fans booing their team, one more sign that New York is turning into Seattle. This day, 1773, Phillis Wheatley published “Poems on Various Subjects Religious and Moral,” the first book ever published by a former American slave. This is a free, daily program produced by the same small media company that brought you A Prairie Home Companion. The Writer’s Almanac – Monday, August 23, 2021 It’s the birthday of the author who gave us “The Spoon River Anthology,” Edgar Le Masters . The work lost him friends in Spoon River, but earned him enough to live as a writer.

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